Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Roundup with PW

John le Carré: A Most Wanted Author
As the master of the British espionage thriller prepares to release his memoir, we take an infographic look at his dossier.
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A Novelist, Self-Censored: Perumal Murugan's retreated from the public eye after his novel was attacked in his home state—and now he's back.

Redshelf Shakes Up Textbooks: The e-textbook company has raised $4 million to drive new product development.

The Fall Entertainment Generator: An experiment in media suggestions at 'Vulture' will generate reading and watching suggestions.

The Ancient Book Debate: The debate about e-books versus paper books dovetails with a similar debate in ancient Rome.

Neil Gaiman on Why We Read: In a lecture for an English charity, Neil Gaiman makes the case for what books do for the human experience.


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