Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Book Show - new NZ TV show with a difference

 The Book Show is for people who are:

·      Keen readers
·      Interested in books
·      Interested in those who write books

The Book Show has:

·      A relaxed format
·      Few commercial breaks
·      Interesting information on print and digital books
                         Hosted by Neville Aitchison and co-host John Reynolds

CUE TV – SKY Channel 200 and Freeview Satellite

Tuesday 8.00pm, (this Tuesday 2 July) repeated Thursday noon, Sunday 1.30pm
The Book Show is always interested in hearing news and views on the programme or suggestions for guests, material and content.

Neville Aitchison (Host)        (09) 551 8718     021 816 713

John Reynolds  (Co-host)      (09) 4458 648     021 430 500

Gerard Smith (Producer)      (09) 525 1512     027 453 7824




Book Chatter Cath said...

I'll be sure to check it out, thanks for the heads up!

Chrissiwiss said...

Which programme on Freeview? I can't find it in TV guide

Beattie's Book Blog said...

Not sure Chrissiwiss, e-mail one of the addresses in the story, they will be able tell you.