Thursday, June 27, 2013

Prague Fair Report: Solidarity with Slovakia, VAT Hike, Amazon is Coming

With Slovakia as guest of honor, Book World Prague offered a gauge of the local book biz, where the recent hike of VAT to 15% has stifled book sales and Amazon is expected to open soon.
The French government announced a plan to introduce a law to stop Amazon from offering discounts and free delivery for books, citing it as "unfair" competitive practice.
More News from PP:
The Federation of European Publishers captured photos of more than 150 MEPs and heads of European publishers and writers associations posing with their favorite books.
Part of the agenda of New Vessel Press, a recently launched ebook publisher, is to demonstrate that translated fiction can be as entertaining as it is edifying.
From the Archives:
For five years now the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation has fought to raise awareness of Bulgarian writing by sponsoring prizes, seminars and publications at home and abroad.

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