Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kiss Me First

‘Lottie Moggach's very smart Kiss Me First (Pan Macmillan) is a moving coming of age story hidden within a harrowing mystery. Moggach explores a lot of dark territory--suicide, alienation, innocence betrayed--yet somehow she's managed to write an unexpectedly warm-hearted novel. 

The book is narrated by Leila, a modern day feral child, raised not by wolves or bears but the Internet. We watch as she makes her way in from her personal wilderness and teaches herself how to be human--how to know what love is, for instance, without first needing to Google it. 

The story's suspense will keep you reading, but it's Leila's surprisingly emotional journey toward selfhood that will stick with you long after you've finished this wonderful first novel.’  Scott Smith, author of A Simple Plan and The Ruins

‘A brave, poignant and humane novel about society’s taboos – and the cost of breaking them. Lottie Moggach has put her finger to the pulse of our times.’
Liz Jensen, author of The Rapture

‘Witty, suspenseful, satirical and bold.  A Patricia Highsmith for the Facebook age.’
Polly Samson, author of Perfect Lives

*Lottie Moggach lives in London. This is her first novel.


From the publisher:
Our trailer to promote the book is something rather different and we need your help to 
spread it far and wide. The video not only encourages viewers to engage with key themes
 in Kiss Me First and recreates the book’s somewhat uncomfortable atmosphere, it also
 plays differently for everyone who watches it.

To view the trailer, you need to log in with Facebook. The trailer app will NEVER post anything or 
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You can find out more about Kiss Me First at the book's website

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