Saturday, June 29, 2013

How S&S Dreams Up "Home-Grown Series" for Younger Readers

Developing home-grown series at Simon & Schuster's children's division offers the publisher greater control over editorial, design, production and promotion.
The UK and Germany were the top overseas markets for US print books in 2012, while Europe led the UK in consumption of US ebooks, according to the AAP.
More News from PP:
Preliminary results from a new survey say that Japan's ebook market is valued at 72.9 billion yen ($740 million), a 15.9% jump over 2011.
A new Pew report takes a look at how 16-29 year olds view print books and libraries versus ebooks and digital offerings. Print is still the favorite among younger Americans.
From the Archives:
Peter Gordon of Hong Kong’s Chameleon Press and Jo Lusby of Penguin China talk discuss the developing English-language market for books in China.

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