Friday, June 20, 2008


Randy Pausch - Hachette - NZ$34.99

This story, this author, and this book all represent something very special.
Google the author and you’ll find he has close to a million listings, Google his book and you’ll find over 37 Million listings! Phenomenal. And why?
Because I guess, this is one truly remarkable story that has touched the hearts of millions.

Pausch is 47 years of age and he has pancreatic cancer, a terminal disease. The cancer has now spread to his liver so his prognosis is poor.
Before his illness he was a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and it was there last September that he gave a now famous lecture.
The last lecture is an academic tradition in the U.S. where a professor is invited to speak as if it is the last lecture he/she will ever give.
Pausch’s last lecture was videotaped by the university and he became an overnight internet sensation with millions of people viewing it on You Tube within a few weeks. He subsequently appeared on TV with Oprah, Diane Sawyer and Good Morning America all of which created further enormous interest.
He wasn’t keen on turning his story into a book as he felt in the time he had left he should concentrate on being with his family, (he has three young children), but his wife persuaded him to do so. As a result today we have this handsome, stocky hardcover book which he wrote in association with journalist Jeffrey Zaslow.
The occasional American hokeyness aside this is an inspiring, visionary work told with good humour about seizing the moment, overcoming obstacles, and realizing dreams.

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