Wednesday, June 18, 2008


At a civic ceremony in the Wanganui Council Chambers last Friday, Jenny Pattrick was presented with Honorary Citizenship of Wanganui. The citation read:'In recognition of her outstanding novel 'Landings' set in and aroundWanganui and its historic river, the Wanganui District Council is desirous of acknowledging both the skill of the author and her enduring legacy to our region.'

Fourteen members of Jenny's family came to to civic function and performed the song, Landings, composed by her husband, Laughton Pattrick. The youngest member of the troupe, grandson Will Barlow, 12 months, took the first steps of his life in the Council Chambers, sign perhaps of a political life on the way.

Next day Jenny spoke to a large crowd at the Riverboat Centre, and the family sang aboard the riverboat Waimarie, which features in the novel.

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Vanda Symon said...

How lovely to see Jenny getting recognition she so richly deserves!