Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beat the blues
New Zealand writer and broadcaster Finlay Macdonald tells how he succumbed to depression and beat it.

To add to the already quite substantial number of magazines I buy I have had to add the new kid on the block, MINDFOOD. I bought issue one in April and was not greatly impressed. However I decided to give the mag another chance and bought issue two (May) and was pleasantly surprised at the huge and entertaining array of stories and features.
Because Finlay Macdonald is books editor and columnist at the Sunday Star Times and thus is the guy to whom I submit my book reviews, I was especially interested to read his thoughtful piece on depression.
The May issue is no longer on sale so if you missed it then link here to read Finlay's story.
The June issue of MINDFOOD is now out and it is another ripper. $9.90 including gst, great value, and if you haven't read a copy yet then I urge you to head down to your magazine supplier and buy one, or keep an eye out for it at your favourite cafe. I first came across it at my local cafe, Agnes Curran. Thanks boys.
By the way Mindfood has a great website, well worth a look. Link here.

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