Monday, June 23, 2008


Centre for New Zealand Studies,
Rm. 330, North Block, Senate House,Malet St., London WC

Wednesday 25 June 2008
Telling Stories: The State of Short Fiction in New Zealand
Kirsty Gunn (University of Dundee),Paula Morris (Tulane University)

Paula and Kirsty will be reading from their fiction and discussing the New Zealand short story.

Kirsty is the author of Rain (1994, later made into the 2001 film), The Keepsake (1997), This Place You Return to is Home (1999), Featherstone (2002), The Boy and the Sea (2006), and 44 Things: A Year of Life at Home (2007).

Paula is the author of Queen of Beauty (2002), Hibiscus Coast (2005), and Trendy But Casual (2007).

Thursday 26 June
B36 , Birkbeck, main building, Malet Street,
London WC16.30-8.30

British premiere of the film

(1999, Robert Sarkies, 94 mins)
To be preceded by
(2001, Michael Bennett, 12ms)

The debut feature of Robert and Duncan Sarkies, Scarfies was a box office hit in New Zealand, but was never shown in the UK. This thriller-comedy involving students and marijuana, has been compared to the film Shallow Grave, and employs the urban cityscape of Dunedin, and a soundtrack featuring bands comprising the Dunedin Sound.

Wednesday 3 September 2008
Centre for New Zealand Studies, Rm. 330, North Block,
Senate House,Malet St., London WC16.30-8.00

Three Poets: Anna Jackson, Jan Kemp, and Vincent O’Sullivan
Each poet will both read from their own poetry and poetry by Katherine Mansfield.
This very special, free event is limited to 36 seats and we advise that if you wish to attend that you email your reservation to Tory Straker at

Anna’s books of poetry include The Long Road to Teatime (2000), The Pastoral Kitchen (2001), Catallus for Children (2001), and Locating the Madonna (2003).

Jan’s books of poetry include Against the Softness of Woman (1976), Diamonds and Gravel (1979), The Other Hemisphere (1991), The Sky’s Enormous Jug: Love Poems Old and New (2001), Only One Angel (2002), and Dante’s Heaven (2006).

Vincent’s books of poetry include Our Burning Time (1965), Revenants (1969), Bearings (1973), From the Indian Funeral (1976), Butcher & Co. (1977), Brother Jonathan, Brother Kafka (1979), The Rose Ballroom and Other Poems (1982), The Butcher Papers (1982), The Pilate Tapes (1986), Seeing You Asked (1998), I’ll Tell You This Much (2000), Lucky Table (2001), Nice Morning for it, Adam (2004), and Blame Vermeer (2007).

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