Wednesday, April 22, 2009


An hour and a half’s drive north of Brisbane Airport is the collection of low rise villages that make up the truly agreeable beachside town of Noosa. It is in stark contrast to some of the high rise towns and developments that blight the beautiful Queensland coast.
We have been here three times before and on arrival and once seated at Roma with a skinny flat white I immediately feel happily at home.

Next stop Mary Ryan Bookshop where I bought a little Penguin, Aussie Slang.
I am intrigued by this because it seems to me that at least half the slang is common to New Zealand. Eg in like Flynn, point Percy at the porcelain,rust-bucket, westie, wharfie , while others have slight variations like the Toorak tractor which in New Zealand wlll be called a Remuera tractor or Tinakori tractor – all being the same disparaging term for a 4-wheel drive, off-road vehicle owned by a city dweller and used mainly in the suburbs.
Then of course there is the totally unique Aussie slang like Woolloomoolloo uppercut, on the Murray, fit as a Mallee bull, Buckley’s chance, banana bender.
Great fun.

While I am in Australia this week you will notice that I am posting the blog to a somewhat different timetable because of the time differences and my long walks in the morning in the wonderful Noosa National Park.

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Amber said...

In the UK they are called Chelsea Tractors. Because there's nothing you need more on the Kensington High Street than a good solid set of kangaroo bars.