Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Dymocks has announced today an important restructure of its operations in New Zealand to capitalise on the opportunities evident in the New Zealand bookselling market.

Accountability for all strategic and operational activities will be managed by the experienced Dymocks Team based in Australia. As an outcome the New Zealand Head Office will close and Andrew Howard and Doris Mousdale will no longer be employed by Dymocks. We thank Andrew & Doris for their contribution to Dymocks New Zealand and wish them every success for the future.

During this transition, enquiries should be directed to Loretta on (09) 913 4553 or

We are also delighted to announce the opening of our newest Dymocks store at Ponsonby opening in May.

Our team look forward to working with you to grow this important bookselling brand in New Zealand.

Yours sincerely
Don Grover
Dymocks Group of Companies


1.It is disappointing that I received this formal announcement only after pursuing Dymocks Australia by e-mail requesting information following the rumours that have been swirling around the NZ book trade these apst two days.

2. A course in basic PR might not go amiss for Don Grover and his senior Australian-based team.

3. The claim that they are restructuring for growth by closing their NZ administration defies belief. Who do they think they are fooling? Only themselves I suggest.
If they can do a better job from across the Tasman than they can by a team on the ground here
then I for one will be very very surprised. How can they possibly be as "in touch" as locally-based staff would be. The fact that they didn't advise Beattie's Book Blog of this major move when the blog is read daily by over 1000 people in the NZ book trade, and almost as many again offshore, suggests that they will have to keep their ears much closer to the ground than has been the case so far.

4.Finally, didn't Dymocks try this sort of structure once before?


Anonymous said...

"We are also delighted to announce the opening of ..."

Because announcing the closure of the NZ Head Office was, of course, delightful news.

Anonymous said...

Graham, you make five points here, two of them about Dymock's unwise decision, and three about how wrong it was that they didn't reply to your requests or let this blog know earlier.
Aah, yes, it's the most-read blog in the NZ book trade, but maybe letting journalists know isn't their top priority. :)
It is a bizarre decision though, opening a shop, letting go two pros, then running the company from Sydney.

Tania Roxborogh said...

I have had a number of titles published by the fine team of David Heap and Graham McEwan from New House. They were a fab team to write for and lovely guys who were forward thinking in the education sector. Then, David, understandably, wanted to retire and the publishing house was sold and then sold again to finally end up with Cengage. Cengage is an AUSTRALIAN education publishing house. You would think I do not exist. The frustrating communications I have had with Cengage, I believe, would not happen if there was a concerted NZ effort. Now, Jenny Thomas, my past co-author and now publishing editor, seconday, works hard to promote the NZ - but, na. It ain't happening.

Why should Australia care? We are small fry in comparison - that's the attitude that comes through loud and clear and now underlined by your post.

As an English teacher, Australian titles are regarded highly by NZ schools. But, NZ writers are just as talented as the OZ folk.

IMHO small mindedness from Dymocks. personally, Doris has been a wonderful resource for books.

By the way, my verification word was 'messelv' ie meself! Exactly!

Lawrence Wrigley said...

Surely the point Beattie is trying to make is that one of the basics of good pr is to communicate with your community. Seems to me the best possible way in NZ to communicate with the NZ book trade is to do so via Beattie's Book Blog.He seems to suspect, and I share that suspicion, that Dymocks HQ in Australia don't even know he exists, an illustration of their lack of knowledge of the local NZ market, which they are now going to admin from OZ.

Aussie publisher said...

Wonderful stuff, Graham....has to be one of the worst press releases ever!

And Mr Grover was on ABC Radio last night reporting from NZ what wonderful shape the NZ book trade is in and how much it has benefited from being an open market since 1998.

Adelaide Alice said...

I suspect there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye.I reckon
Mr.Grover has only given us part of the story.