Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why Netflix Or Spotify For Ebooks Will Work


Many publishing industry observers don’t think that Oyster or Scribd or any other “Netflix  or Spotify for ebooks” will work in the consumer marketplace.

The rights issues are very complicated. Agents and authors may not go for it. Publishers may not go for it. Consumers may realize that it’s not worth their money. The list goes on.
Yet, companies like these keep on popping up and there is considerable investment in the space. Scribd CEO Trip Adler believes that his company alone could turn the idea into a billion-dollar business. And he thinks there’s room for competition, too.

At least one publishing industry analyst agrees with him. I talked with James McQuivey, Ph.D., an analyst at Forrester who covers the book publishing industry, about why it’s time for this idea to work and why the naysayers are wrong.

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