Saturday, October 26, 2013

When Print Trumps Digital

Enthrill's Kevin Franco discusses his company's distribution platform to make ebooks salable in brick-and-mortar stores through ebook gift cards and author cards.
Former Wired editor Kevin Kelly says that he self-published his new book A Catalog of Possibilities in print because of the enduring power of a large, print book.
From Frankfurt:
During the Frankfurt Book Fair this month, the Publishing Perspectives video team interviewed top players about the industry, their favorite books, and more. Watch the videos here!
More News from PP:
At Books in Browsers 2013, the summit kicked off with several discussions about how readers, both as consumers and creators of content, are transforming the book publishing industry.
The cold and dark means that Icelander's have plenty of time indoors to read and write, as one in 10 Icelanders will publish a book in their lifetime.
Tune in to this year's Books in Browsers conference live from San Francisco. Books in Browsers is a summit for the next generation of publishing companies exploring the digital future of reading online.

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