Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NZ Poet Michael O'Leary pays tribute to Lou Reed

I would like to mark Lou Reed’s death by sending you this poem from my 2008 book ‘Paneta Street’ in which I quote a line from his song ‘Perfect Day’.

Seacliff Amoré
(for Lesley)

Over and over and over
The road the railway crossings go
Up and down hills and valleys

The road goes past Warrington
St. Barnabas, Omimi, Ireland’s
Farm and all. The anthropologist

Digs it too, his house shakes
Along with his laughter as he
Puts on or smokes another

Pot of tea for you and me
In an orange flavoured flying
Bomb the girl and the earl

Arrive at the entrance of dream
Reality entrancement at the
Hidden by cabbage tree car

Across the line we walk
Where once I lifted heave-ho
Rails and sleepers at the one

After 339, point full to the Brimm
Where Murray’s ashes lie
And Angelique is called

O’Connell’s farm, the olde
Sod! Pictures of lilly of the valley
Hang well painted by R.S-M

Next to the cuppa - up RRRrrroad
The memories flowed
As we talked and the girl

Nearly ended up in the cactus
But went down to the village instead
Crossing that line yet again

‘Such a perfect day’, Lou Reed say:
‘I thought I was someone else

Someone good ...’

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