Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Release of Greenstone Trail by Winston Cowie

A message from NZ author  Winston Cowie:

An exciting day. The release of the New Zealand historical fiction novel Greenstone Trail as an ebook. Check out the cover!

You have spoken and I have listened. You all really enjoyed reading New Zealand author Winston Cowie’s New Zealand Land Wars historical fiction novel ‘A Flame Flickers in the Darkness,’ some even saying that it does for New Zealand historical fiction what Wilbur Smith does for Africa.
I feel privileged and inspired to receive such kind words from people whom I have never met. You also said that because the novel is of such epic proportions and covers such a significant number of events and characters, that it would work better as two separate books.
And so I have split ‘A Flame Flickers in the Darkness’ in half into two separate books: ‘Greenstone Trail’ and ‘Flames Flicker.’

Both are set during the New Zealand Land Wars (also known as the New Zealand Wars and Maori Wars), which took place between 1860 and 1868, when the indigenous New Zealand Maori and colonising British were fighting what was the war for New Zealand.

Greenstone Trail, which spans events in Fiordland, the South Seas, Auckland, and the First Taranaki War, has been released as an ebook this year (2013). 
You can purchase your ebook copy on Amazon Kindle, by following his link:

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