Monday, September 24, 2007

Why Jordan is better read than Ian McEwan
As highbrow literature becomes dwarfed by celebrity biographies, Adam Lusher, writing in the Daily Telegraph, investigates why model Katie Price is better read than Ian McEwan.

Katie Price's Crystal outsold the Booker shortlist
Fears for the future of the literary novel have been heightened by the revelation that a book by Katie Price, the surgically enhanced model, has outsold the entire Booker Prize shortlist.
Sales for the Man Booker Prize contenders show that the combined efforts of the cream of Britain's literary talent cannot match the appeal of Crystal, by Katie Price, the topless model better known as Jordan.
Figures that make grim reading for lovers of highbrow literature show that Crystal is beating the combined sales of all six works on the Man Booker shortlist.

A study provided by Nielsen BookScan shows UK sales of all hardback and paperback editions of Crystal reaching 159,407 copies. Despite a deluge of publicity about the shortlist, the six Booker hopefuls can muster only 120,770 copies between them.

The revelation has thrown the literary world into depression – and contradicts the claim by author Martin Amis last week that the literary novel is "in rude health".
Use this link to the Daily Telegraph to read the full story, but be warned, its a little depressing!

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Kebabette said...

I think books like Jordan's are the equivalent of junk food, not necessarily evil. They are light, frothy, and silly - sometimes that is just what you feel like. Her "autobiographies" were absolutely hysterically deluded stuff. Ultra funny.

But I guess it is the same as with junk food, if that was ALL you consumed ... atrophy would set in.