Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Unfortunately I do not have the ability to show then all as the same size but at least you can see them all in the same view.
Clockwise from top left- US edition, UK edition, Australian edition, NZ edition.
What do you think? I'm inclined to the UK edition.


Kebabette said...

The UK and NZ ones are both good - the other two are very bland and unappealing.

Anonymous said...

I agree both UK and NZ are good, the US one is very sterile. My favourite though is the New Zealand one because I love the colours, the botanical images rrepresenting the setting, the overall design including the great silouhette image of Mr Watt pulling his wife along on the trolley. So evocative. Also this edition is the one I read and loved so I am attached to it forever more!

Emerging Writer said...

UK wins hands down for me. Won;t buy though until the pile under my bed waiting to be read diminishes.

Love the blog.

Matt said...

My UK version varies slightly - they have gone moved the Mr Pip onto a single line and padded out the space with much the same style of illustration. The font is softer, a thicker. It's got the "Shortlisted for THE 2007 MAN BOOKER PRIZE" along the top, and a printed on sticker(!) with the Richard and Judy book club / Galaxy British Book Award.

I stumbled across your page whilst looking for artwork (I'm about to write a review of said book on my blog : www.dragondrop.org).

I find it fascinating the way market trends dictate the differing ways we consume literature across the world.