Monday, September 17, 2007


One of the most appealing aspects of the Going West Festival is the fact that there are no concurrent sessions so the large number of attendees can, if they wish and have the fortitude, attend every session over the course of the three day event. I always find it frustrating at the larger Festivals when inevitably during the festivals there are several occasions when two authors or panels I wish to hear being featured at the same time.

I raise my hat to Festival Director Murray Gray for his continuing drive and enthusiasm for this annual event, his baby from the very start.
Likewise warm thanks to Project Manager Naomi Cleary and her able team, and to Waitakere City which views Going West as a flagship city event.
Citizens of Waitakere City have much to be thankful about for their indefatigable mayor Bob Harvey who is such an active and passionate supporter of matters cultural in his widespread city, including the Going West Festival.
Bookman Beattie salutes you Bob and wishes you well in the forthcoming mayoral elections.

Roll on Going West 2008!

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