Monday, September 24, 2007

Hazard Press goes into liquidation

Sad story from The Press.

Christchurch publisher Hazard Press has gone into liquidation, two months before its 21st anniversary.
Liquidator Iain Nellies, of Insolvency Management, said there were a number of secured creditors who were substantially out of pocket. However, he was still in the process of establishing how much money was owed and how many creditors there were.
"We're just getting all the information together and establishing what the exact position is with all the creditors."
Hazard Press is an independent publisher with more than 450 titles in print. It publishes a range of mostly non-fiction books as well as literary fiction and young-adult fiction.
It is privately owned and has six shareholders, including director Quentin Wilson who owns two-thirds of the shares through his company Roseneath Consulting.
The company was placed into liquidation at the request of the shareholders.
Nellies said he was working through issues surrounding authors who had contracts with Hazard Publishing for published books and for books due to be published.
Bookman Beattie extends his regret and sympathy to Quentin Wilson, long-time publisher at Hazard Press at this development. He has been a courageous and imaginative publisher being especially supportive of poets and new writers, two areas traditionally difficult in which to publish.

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Sorry to hear about this.
Beattie’s is a great Blog! I don’t have much time for looking at sites etc but I usually make time for yours.