Monday, September 24, 2007

Publication October $65.00

I’m sure Michael would be delighted to learn that his mega best-selling Penguin History of New Zealand is to be published in a most handsome and sumptuous illustrated hardcover edition.

After all it uses his wonderful original full text, (full texts are frequently a casualty with illustrated editions), to which David Filer has added some 300 photographs and other illustrations. And what a marvelous collection of illustrations.

Even if you have already read the book, (and judging by the vast sales the book has enjoyed, one would have thought that everyone in NZ has read it), prepare to spend several hours browsing the photographs, cartoons, paintings and posters.

For the record David Filer is an experienced historian, writer and illustrations researcher. He has written several works of New Zealand military history and has played a prominent role in historical and illustrations research for a number of major television series, including ‘Frontier of Dreams’. He lives in Wellington.

Well done Penguin Books, a wonderful addition to our national library.

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Anonymous said...

any sign of a bibliography in this edition? I felt like I was in a boat without an anchor when I read this book, fantastic as it was. Perhaps I'm just a bibliography snob. Feel slightly heretic even mentioning it.