Monday, April 17, 2017

The Roundup with PW

Bologna 2017: Total Attendees Up 2%, Foreigners Up 15%
The Bologna Children's Book Fair's official attendance numbers are in. Last week's show drew 26,743 people, putting attendance 2% higher than at last year's event.
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Jeff Bezos's Letter to Shareholders: In his latest letter to Amazon shareholders, Bezos says centering a business on "obsessive customer focus" is the best way to succeed.

James Baldwin’s Archive: The author's papers have landed in one of the nation’s leading archival institutions, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

Tate Publishing Loses Second Major Case: A printing services vendor was awarded a summary judgment on March 31 that could cost Tate more than $2 million.

X-Men Illustrator Under Fire: Marvel had distanced itself from Indonesian artist Ardian Syaf after his images referenced religious and political divisions in his country.

The Poems of Miami Inmates: A prison-writing nonprofit and an artist have teamed up to use the Google search engine to effectively publish poems by Miami inmates.


Bologna 2017: Busy? Quiet? Both? Fair Attendees Leave Satisfied, Regardless
Forget a "book of the fair"—agents, publishers, and editors at the 2017 Bologna Children’s Book Fair didn’t really come to a consensus on whether this year’s fair was bustling or tempered. "I had the feeling that I was swimming upstream whenever I wandered the aisles," said Brooke O’Donnell of Trafalgar Square.
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