Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Publishers Lunch

Today's Meal

Former president of F+W Media Sara Domville will reunite with her old boss, joining America's Test Kitchen under ceo David Nussbaum on April 24 in the new role of chief revenue officer. She "will be responsible for driving revenue growth in a number of key company divisions including sponsorship, licensing, underwriting and book sales." Domville left F+W last July.

Bookseller and publisher Donald Weiser, 89,
died on April 12. He worked alongside his father at the Samuel Weiser Bookstore in New York and led the publishing company Samuel Weiser, Inc., which was sold in 2000 and became Red Wheel/Weiser. He was a founding member in 1975 of Inner Traditions International, which has grown to become a successful publisher of body, mind, and spirit books, and in retirement he and his wife Yvonne Paglia-Weiser. Retirement started Ibis Press.


Penguin Random House has launched #ProjectReadathon Million Minutes, a new platform that allows From April 17 through 23, during the week leading up to UNESCO's World Book and Copyright Day, users can read timed excerpts

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