Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Landfall celebrates 70th anniversary with new prize for young writers

Landfall, New Zealand’s leading journal of arts and literature, has announced the winner of the inaugural Charles Brasch Young Writers’ Essay Competition.

Named in honour of Dunedin poet and literary figure Charles Brasch, who founded Landfall in 1947, the new competition is an annual award open to New Zealand writers aged 16 to 21.

Landfall editor David Eggleton says the 48 entries received were an ‘immediately readable throng of lively, opinionated, argumentative essays: writing that brimmed with ideas’.

New Zealand student Andy Xie, currently studying at the University of Columbia in the United States, takes the $500 prize with his essay ‘The Great New Zealand Myth.’
‘A saga of migration and transformation, of landfall and then further wanderings, Andy Xie’s essay is also an exploration of idealism and its consequences, told as a personal narrative that describes his parents’ self-sacrifice for the sake of their offspring,’ says David Eggleton.
Second place went to Mia Rutledge for ‘We Are Nothing Without Our History’, a potted account of Taranaki’s provincial history intertwined with familial history that featured some wonderful imagery.

Third placegetter Alexandra McKendry adopted the persona of an elderly curmudgeon in her well-paced diatribe, ‘A Facebook Free Diet’, revisiting all the reasons why being on Facebook was a bad thing.

The following essayists were highly commended: Sariya McGrath, Jesse Austin, Ellena Khoo, Ioana Manoa, John Sibanda, James Fitzgerald and Heinrich Metzler.

David Eggleton says one recurring theme was ‘the reality of life’s imperfections and limited choices versus consumerism’s shimmering mirages and supposedly endless opportunities’.

‘Quite a number of the essays, too, dealt with or circled around the theme of self-identity, self-discovery –along with the ways that culture or society served to define it.’

The winning essay will be published in Landfall 233, a special 70th anniversary edition, published on 1 May.

As part of the 70th anniversary celebration, panel discussions on Landfall are being held during both the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival and the Auckland Writers Festival, in May 2017.

Featured Artists
Chris Corson-Scott, Heather Straka, Jenna Packer, Samuel Harrison
Featured Writers
Aimee-Jane Anderson-O’Connor, Nick Ascroft, Claire Baylis, Miro Bilbrough, Victoria Broome, Iain Britton, Owen Bullock, Christine Burrows, Brent Cantwell, Marisa Cappetta, Joanna Cho, Stephanie Christie, Makyla Curtis, Doc Drumheller, Mark Edgecombe, Lynley Edmeades, Johanna Emeney, Riemke Ensing, Ciaran Fox, Michael Gould, S.K. Grout, Shen Haobo, Paula Harris, René Harrison, Stephen Higginson, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Amanda Hunt, Anna Jackson, Ted Jenner, Anne Kennedy, Erik Kennedy, Jessica Le Bas, Wes Lee, Michele Leggott, Carolyn McCurdie, Robert McLean, Fardowsa Mohamed, Kavita Ivy Nandan, Emma Neale, Piet Nieuwland, Claire Orchard, Bob Orr, Jenny Powell, Chris Price, Helen Rickerby, Ron Riddell, L.E. Scott, Iain Sharp, Charlotte Simmonds, Peter Simpson, Tracey Slaughter, Laura Solomon, Barry Southam, Matafanua Tamatoa, Philip Temple, Dunstan Ward, Elizabeth Welsh, Sue Wootton, Mark Young, Karen Zelas.

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Kristyn Harman on Mothers’ Darlings of the South Pacific, eds Judith A. Bennett & Angela Wanhalla Edmund Bohan on The Big Smoke: New Zealand cities 1840–1920 by Ben Schrader Chris Else on My Father’s Island by Adam Dudding James Norcliffe on Beside Herself by Chris Price and Fits and Starts by Andrew Johnston Airini Beautrais on Playing for Both Sides: Love across the Tasman by Stephanie Johnson and Late Love: Sometimes doctors need saving as much as their patients by Glenn Colquhoun Peter Bland on Selected Poems by Gordon Challis Murray Edmond on Shooting Gallery by Wes Lee Erena Shingade on Lucky Punch by Simone Kaho and This Explains Everything by Richard von Sturmer Jeffrey Paparoa Holman on The Collected Poems of Alistair Te Ariki Campbell
Landfall 233 70th anniversary edition
Edited by David Eggleton
Release Date: May 2017
ISBN 978-0-947522-52-0

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