Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Flash Froniter April Issue

April 2017: POCKETS
Welcome! New stories and art from Aotearoa New Zealand, opening with artwork by NZ sculptor Marian Fountain, whose commemorative work honouring the New Zealand Tunnelling Company during World War I has just been unveiled in Arras. 
Read the stories and see the stunning artwork here.

Our feature page this month starts by welcoming 
Gail Ingram to the Flash Frontier team. She joins as Associate Editor in June, when we say a fond thank you and farewell to Nod Ghosh. Huge thanks to both of these talented writers who bring such insight and value to our pages!

Also in our features: a look at 
Bay of Islands Writers, founded by Vivian Thonger and Angela Shaw, including an interview and images from the Far North, and also flashes from members prompted by the word 'treaty'.

We also bring you two book announcements, with launches coming in May: 
Manifesto Aotearoa: 101 political poems, edited by Philip Temple Emma Neale and published by Otago University Press, and Leanne Radojkovich's First Fox.

Many thanks for reading – we hope you enjoy this New Zealand issue of Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction!

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