Monday, April 06, 2015

Letter: Mal Peet made my writing class laugh

Mal Peet death
Mal Peet shared anecdotes and red wine with a writing class in New Zealand. Photograph: Tim Cuff/PA
Mal Peet made a huge impact in Wellington. I imagine he made an impact wherever he went – he was so alive. He made a lot of friends while he was here in New Zealand, and everyone loved him – great big warm teddybear of a man that he was – and he seemed to love everyone.

On their first day in the city he and Elspeth visited the Wellington Children’s Bookshop and became friends with John and Ruth McIntyre who run it. They had a launch there for Mysterious Traveller a month or two later, and when John and Ruth unpacked their stock of Night Sky Dragons last year they discovered it was dedicated to them. They were, of course, thrilled.

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