Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Impressive first crime novel by Hawkes Bay writer Tina Clough

Running Towards Danger
Tina Clough
Vanguard Press - ISBN  178465 010 0
Paperback -  310 pages - $29.95

Karen's life is abruptly thrown into chaos when her flatmate is gunned down in front of her in the street where they live. 
 Within days she is forced to take drastic action to ensure her own safety. She criss-crosses New Zealand to evade the killers, changes her appearance and settles into a small Hawkes Bay community as 'Cara'. 

But danger still stalks her and she is forced to make dramatic choices in the face of threats and brutal violence. Can she trust the man she is attracted to or has he been sent by the killers? 
A dramatic series of events test Cara to the extreme limits of her endurance when her life hangs in the balance and every decision is crucial.

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