Monday, April 27, 2015


Author: Samantha Gale Peckham-Togiatama
Publisher: USP Press, Fiji
Pages: 373
Price US$16.95  

This novel is an uncompromising family saga allowing two stories to breath with their own rhythms, dialects, characters, setting and style. Overarching questions pervade: Is she mad? What is the place the great-great-grandmother who was captain of a slaving ship? Can she claim the power or should she be ashamed, crouching under her own life's struggles? What of the romances and the plantation; the recurrences in her own life?

This book started life as a project undertaken by the author while studying for the degree of Masters of Creative Writing at the University of Auckland in 2012. While the author is clearly talented her first work could have been improved with significant structural editing.

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