Saturday, April 25, 2015

Forthcoming major titles

Publishers Lunch

J.K. Rowling's next novel as Robert Galbraith, CAREER OF EVIL, will be published by Little, Brown in the US and UK this fall. The publisher promises "more details to come soon, including pub date."

Sue Grafton's next book, due for release on August 25, is titled "X". As in, "just plain X", USA Today reports. Grafton tells the paper: "I first thought of using 'X is for Xenophobe' or Xenophobia, which suggests a fear of foreigners, but alas, not one single foreigner materialized in the course of the writing. There's a box of files with an X on the lid, a Father Xavier, a married couple whose last name is Xanakis, and a missing painting of a xebec which is a three-masted sailing vessel, but none of these seemed to encompass the whole. Finally, it occurred to me that since I was the one who invented this 'rule' about ' for...' I was surely entitled to break it."

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