Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Tuesday Poem

P.S. Cottier is the editor of Tuesday Poem this week and she has chosen a pithy poem by Lizz Murphy, a poet from Binalong near Canberra.

Penelope says of her choice:

"I love this little poem.  It insinuates itself into the brain and jumps up and down there.

The image of two huge lips on a pogo stick raises problems for the literal minded.  How do they balance?  How do they jump up and down?

These are obviously fashion-conscious lips who like a co-ordinated wardrobe.  I love the way that the slightly old-fashioned expression 'cupid's bow' is given new life through the earlier reference to satin.
  We see the top of red lips and a real red bow; where one ends and the other starts is impossible to say.  Of course, cupid's bow refers to a bow for shooting arrows, but I defy anyone to read the poem and not to think of a bow tied around a present or a pony-tail.

Spin the poem on its side and it even looks a bit like a pogo stick jumping up and down, powered by a rather erratic rider."

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