Friday, July 25, 2014

E-readers vs books: the debate

Are you going to be piling books into your suitcase this summer or will you opt for the tech version? Claire Kearns argues that even in this era of instant downloads and constant connectivity, there's plenty of pleasure still to be found in a good, solid book

Kindle on a bookshelf
Kindle on a bookshelf. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

My childhood recollections are full of memories of reading. Of the smell, feel and character of real books. Well-thumbed editions of Matilda and Alice in Wonderland. A shelf of Judy Blumes with wrinkled spines, and a particularly fantastic special edition Goosebumps that wailed on opening. Huddled in the corner of my school library, I'd often lose myself in my favourite stories.

Reading habits have undeniably evolved over time, exponentially it seems during recent years. Modern life is fast-paced and technology is always advancing. It's normal to want to keep up with the latest 'next best thing', especially when new products are all around us, shiny and inviting. When it comes to the realm of literature, though, I still think a lot can be said for the pleasure found in a good, solid book.

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