Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two launches for Blackie the fisher cat and a special ‘guest’ at the Auckland one!

The gorgeous new children’s book from the pens of Janet Pereira (writer) and Gabriella Klepatski, (illustrator) had the pleasure of two launches.  The only option when the two creators are at opposite ends of the country.

However in Auckland last night another person instrumental in the book also made an appearance – well sort of!  This gorgeous story of a Grandpop who loves fishing and befriends a cat, who also loves fishing, is actually based on a true story that Janet heard many years ago.  Bill, a taxi driver from Christchurch and a family member by marriage actually had a cat befriend him at his favourite campground and it did know were the good fishing spots were. 

So the extremely talented Gabriella made this wonderful model of Grandpop and the fisher cat which held pride of place on the signing table with the books last night as Gabriella talked to the crowd about her experience/process illustrating the book.  The enthusiastic crowd who attended at Takapuna Library also had the pleasure of hearing from Jill Harris (launching The Red Suitcase) and Bee & Lisa Pigneguy (launching Grow Me Well)

Grandpop patiently awaiting the signing session                

 Gabriella talks about the book and its process

Janet also had a wonderful launch event in Dunedin, hosted by University Bookshop.  Her sister-in-law, Robyn Belton a talented illustrator herself, praised the book saying ‘it has all the magical qualities of the best picture books” and “it is the perfect balance of words and images’.  She went on to say that she knows from experience the hard work and collaboration that is required to produce a book like this and ‘Janet together with Gabriella you have given us all a treasure. It is a beautiful book. Blackie has won our hearts.’

Janet Pereira (middle) with sister-in-law Robyn Belton (right) and a guest

Blackie the fisher-cat
Craig Potton Publishing
PB $19.99 | ISBN: 9781927213032
HB $29.99 | ISBN: 9781927213049

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