Thursday, May 29, 2014


13 of Maya Angelou's Best Quotes : She was known for her inspiring words that shed light onto the beauty and injustices of the world. "USA Today" rounds up her best quotes.

Target to Offer E-books : As the retailer works to build a more competitive e-commerce experience, it's partnering with a startup e-book subscription service called Librify to give customers an online platform for buying, sharing, and discussing their favorite books.

McQuixote Books to Open in Portland : The city will have a new independent, featuring mostly used books, by June 21, the first official day of summer.

Why I'm Ditching My Amazon Account : An opinion piece from Jack Shafer at Reuters.

Amazon Move Raises Hackles in Germany: In a country where efficiency is prized as highly as the written word, Amazon was suddenly saying it could take as many as 11 days to deliver some older titles — inconceivable given that a system of distributors ensuring deliveries within 24 hours has existed for decades, predating online book sales.


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