Monday, May 26, 2014

Tauranga Arts Festival

With only a few days to go until the first Escape! Festival in Tauranga, the organisers are tickling tastebuds with some quotes, quips and little-known facts about some of the authors and performers. Tickets are available from Baycourt in Tauranga,  or phone 0800 842 538. The full festival programme is at

You know the news pigs have turned up when someone says ‘where are the corpses and show me to a five-star hotel’: Tim Wilson, (left pjoto by James Tolich), author of “News Pigs” (VUP, 2014)

The Edinburgh Free Fringe [in 2012] was the first time we’d had an audience where people weren’t afraid of walking out. It was scary but lots of fun: Ralph McCubbin Howell, co-author and performer of “The Bookbinder”

It was award-winning travel writer Peter Riordan’s wife who was keen to ride through India on a vintage motorcycle for their honeymoon – an outbreak of bubonic plague had put her off the idea of using trains. However, the couple quickly worked out the roads were far more dangerous than the bubonic plague.

It’s not hard to go under in the restaurant business, it’s hard to survive: Jo Crabb, chef and author of “My Two Heavens” (Random House, 2014)

I did a weekend playwriting seminar in Wellington and my piece caught the eye of Bruce Mason who workshopped it. I was 28 and thought I had the world at my feet. Now at 28 I would be expecting to win the Booker Prize: Fiona Kidman

Our apathy in the face of global warming is terrible. We’re in the pit of despair and we don’t know it because we’re too busy playing golf: Craig Potton, photographer and conservationist

Sean O’Brien was a finalist in the partial beard (freestyle) category of the 2012 North American Beard and Moustache Championships: Sean (aka Joe Blossom) appears with Duncan Sarkies in “The Demolition of the Century”

The physical debilitations that New Zealand soldiers faced in Gallipoli were unique to Gallipoli – men having to poop where they ate and surrounded by dead bodies. By 1915 the generals had learned and the Western Front was highly organised and medical services relatively good: Damien Fenton, military historian and author

I’ve been very lucky that my work has taken me to places in New Zealand that maybe only 20 other people have ever been to … but there is a sense of guilt too as those places may not be able to cope with an influx of visitors that my images might promote: Craig Potton

In Finland there’s a myth that beer was first made by three witches from honey and the saliva of a bear: Michael Donaldson, author and beer columnist

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