Friday, December 21, 2012

Publishing Perspectives

Today's Feature Story:
Publishers still can't quite work out what to do with the transmedia form, but they are trying. Some pioneers are slowly building a secret world of new literature.
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When it comes to multimedia and transmedia books, have you ever bought and read one? Do you buy them routinely? Take our survey and let us know.
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More News from Publishing Perspectives:
The DOJ and Penguin have settled their lawsuit over ebook price collusion, paving the way for Penguin's merger with Random House and leaving Macmillan as the only defendant.
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Bookateria, a new book discovery and sales site, features titles that are being discussed, reviewed and recommended by those in the industry and the media.
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From the Archives:
Ian Harper explains the Inanimate Alice project and what makes this transmedia experience a success in this emerging field of storytelling.
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