Monday, December 24, 2012

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library opens new exhibits after multi million dollar renovation

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New exhibits about Lyndon Baines Johnson's presidency are displayed at the LBJ Presidential
 Library in Austin. An insider’s look at how Johnson delt with challenges is on display at the newly
 remodeled LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, where the old 1970s-style exhibits now use
 21st century technology to put visitors in Johnson’s shoes. Mark Updegrove, the library’s 
director, said the reopening comes as historians take a fresh look at Johnson’s efforts to
 fight poverty and improve the health of the nation by creating a Great Society. 
AP Photo/, Jay Janner.

By: Anne Wheeler

AUSTIN, TX.- On Saturday, December 22, 2012, the LBJ Presidential Library unveiled 
innovative, state-of-the art exhibits giving visitors a contemporary experience relating to
 one of the most significant presidents and eras in our country’s history. Following a
 massive yearlong renovation, new exhibits have been installed on the three public floors
 of the Library. By incorporating the latest technology and interactive elements used in
 museums today, the Library has a completely new look and feel. “Our goal is for visitors
 to better understand this largely misunderstood president,” said Mark K. Updegrove, 
LBJ Library Director. “The redesigned Library will provide meaningful context to the vast 
 and sweeping legislation passed during the Johnson Administration and visitors will learn
 how those laws impact us today. Exhibits will explore all aspects of Johnson’s presidency, ... 

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