Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fantasy Romance – ‘Pasifika Style’

Samoan author Lani Wendt Young has released a third book in her Pacific fantasy-romance Telesa Series. Unlike the preceding books however, this one fits into the ‘New Adult Genre’ as it comes with a reading classification warning – “Please be aware that due to content of a sexual nature, the Daniel Novella is recommended for mature readers 17+ only and parental discretion is advised.

Young explains, “This is a companion book in the series and it tells the story from the point of view of the lead male character, Daniel Tahi. It was important to provide as realistic a portrayal as possible of a nineteen year old young man’s thoughts and feelings as he struggles to adhere to his personal values within a very powerful romantic relationship. The next book, ‘The Bone Bearer’ comes out in April 2013. It will complete the Telesa story and  be suitable for a general audience.”

The 100 page novella is included in the limited “Telesa Special Edition” which is only available in electronic format from Amazon. A print version will be available in January. As well as the novella, it also contains articles and essays from various contributors on: The Spirit Women Mythology in Samoan Culture, What is a 'Malu', The Portrayal of Fa'afafine, Preserving Samoan Culture through Popular Fiction, and more. There is also a food section with recipes of Pacific dishes mentioned in the Telesa books.

The excitement for this new instalment in the popular series is livening up social media as fans shared the book release news on Facebook and Twitter.  Leilani F -“Best Xmas present ever – Daniel’s side of the story!” Elena Akaroa – “Wine, check! Daniel novella, check! Chocolates, check! Ready for a great Saturday night in!” Gau Siaki – “Woohoo, got mine! Loving all the xtras on top of Daniel’s novella.”

 You can get your e-copy from the following link.

"The Telesa Special Edition" -  With The Daniel Novella. Price - $7.99

For those who don't own a Kindle, the book can be downloaded to your e-reader, computer or phone. Click on this link to get the free Kindle Reading Application installed on your device.
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