Friday, December 21, 2012

Faber co-publishes interactive '39 Steps'

Faber has teamed up with publishers from different sectors to create an interactive version of John Buchan’s classic thriller The Thirty-Nine Steps, which is described as bridging “the gap between literature, film and gaming”.
Created by interactive content developer The Story Mechanics, the adaptation will be released for iPads, Mac and PC, with Faber, software developer and publisher Avanquest Software, and management company Kiss Ltd all publishing the title. Release date is 15th March 2013.
Henry Volans, head of digital publishing at Faber, said: “This compelling and faithful new version of The Thirty-Nine Steps is an interactive thriller: much closer to a game than anything Faber has published before. We’re proud to be working The Story Mechanics as we continue our work to take stories beyond the existing boundaries of the e-book form.”
The Story Mechanics’ creative lead Simon Meel said: “The Thirty-Nine Steps is the first of a new breed of interactive entertainment that brings powerful and emotive storytelling to audiences via digital platforms. We believe the product has the potential to to reach out to audiences everywhere- whether they’re core gamers, digital readers, or anyone else with a passion for a great story.”
He added: “We have taken great care to hand-pick the best publishing partners needed to take this new product to widest possible market.”
The product is made up of more than 300 hand-painted environments, alongside an original soundtrack, which readers navigate through and interact with to move through the story.
The Story Mechanics is the digital storytelling arm of Scottish independent production company Tern TV.

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