Friday, December 21, 2012

New Zealand Book Council

 Book Council staff share highlights from 2012

‘One of my Writers in Schools highlights this year was seeing author Mandy Hager take a Speed Date an Author session in Porirua and ask each of the students about a life-changing moment. It didn’t matter that these students were twelve years old; they each shared a profound experience that had moved them. Sitting in that prefab classroom on a sunny Monday afternoon in October as these young students listened gravely and carefully to each other made me remember the power in telling our own stories – and the importance of great literature at every age.’ – Emma Gallagher, Education Co-ordinator/Commission Editor, Booknotes

‘My top highlight was definitely joining the rather fabulous team at the New Zealand Book Council in September. This was closely followed by attending the Frankfurt Book Fair in October which (for those of you who have been living in a hole in the ground this year) hosted New Zealand as Guest of Honour. There was theatre, there was music, there was visual arts and dance, but best of all there were lots and lots of New Zealand writers and books showing the world how good we are at this stuff.’ – Catriona Ferguson, Chief Executive

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