Monday, September 19, 2011

Save St.Mark's Bookshop

Further to my blog post of September 13 this news just in:
 Thank you for acting so promptly by signing the petition to save the St. Mark's Bookshop.  As we write this, almost 30,000 have signed the petition.
 To bring you up to date: You and many of our elected officials have forced Cooper Union to meet with the owners to negotiate a new lease. Bravo! We will keep you up to date.
 We cannot stress how important it would be for you to take one more step: BUY ONE BOOK FROM THE ST. MARK'S BOOKSHOP! 
 We hope you realize how valuable your action has been.  Is something wrong on your block, your city, your state or your nation?   Do you need a pot hole fixed?  Are we sending our young to die in unjust wars?    
 To read Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's letter to Cooper Union please go to:
City Council woman Rosie Mendez's letter is reproduced below.
 Again, our heart felt thanks.
for The Cooper Square Committee, Joyce Ravitz, Frances Goldin

T.C. Westcott
Vice President
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science
51 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003

Dear Ms. Westcott:

I write to add my name to others who call upon Cooper Union to grant all favorable consideration to the St. Mark's Bookshop, an institution which has a long tradition in our community and which serves an increasingly rare and admirable function. St. Marks is currently struggling to pay the market rent that Cooper Union is charging them at 31 Third Avenue, and a significant rent concession by Cooper Union could save this irreplaceable neighborhood institution.

St. Marks has occupied their small commercial space in the ground floor of your dormitory building since the structure was built in the mid-1980's. As I recall, Cooper Union agreed to house the bookstore in this space, at least in part, as a concession to the community when opposition arose to the construction of another dormitory along 3rd Ave. I know that economic difficulties are affecting all manner of organizations in these trying times. However, given the breath of Cooper Unions's real estate investments, including the soon to be redeveloped 51 Astor Place as a fully commercial building, I believe that a rent concession to St. Marks Bookshop would not constitute a large burden for your institution. It could on the other hand preserve a unique neighborhood bookstore.
I urge you to preserve St. Marks.
Rosie Mendez
cc: Claire McCarthy

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Anonymous said...

Wow, fancy being able to access a market of 30,000 people willing to sign a petition - enough customers to stay in business!