Monday, September 26, 2011

The Great Kiwi Motorhome Guide

Exploring New Zealand by Campervan or Motorhome

Ask people why they travel in a motorhome and you will receive many different answers. Those who’ve experienced it talk of the simplicity of this form of travel, of not having to pack and unpack each day. They relish being able to overnight by a river or beach, enjoying the feeling of freedom and independence that motorhoming provides.

In The Great Kiwi Motorhome Guide, experienced motorhomers Jill Malcolm and Bill Savidon have pulled together all the essential information you’ll need to travel our around our wonderful country.
Designed to help those new to motorhoming as well as those who have experienced its pleasures this book contains everything you should know BEFORE you depart including: :
·        Choosing a motorhome: whether buying or renting
·        What to pack
·        Regulations you need to be aware of

As well as the information you’ll need AFTER you have embarked on your journey and you’re on the road:
·        How to use a dump station
·        Making a quick exit
·        Driving courtesies and tips
·        Information on campsites all over New Zealand - including details on the facilities, addresses and access, and what to do while you are there.

With stunning images on nearly every page and the wealth of information that only Jill and Bill’s experience can provide, The Great Kiwi Motorhome Guide will inspire you to pack up and hit the road.

Jill Malcolm is a journalist and travel writer. She has written several books, and has edited five magazines. She is also a tutor of travel writing at The University of Auckland.
Bill Savidan is a technical writer and photographer and has written the practical material for which he is forever being asked by frantic newbie motorhome users. He is also Jill’s husband.

                 Random House NZ rrp -  $45.00

Photos from the profusely illustrated book:

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This sounds like a promising read! I think every motorhome traveller should have a copy of this, so they will not miss out anything while exploring NZ. -==Katelyn==-