Friday, September 23, 2011

BRUISER by Gavin Bishop

A wonderful new story for young children about a bold and brassy digger, from one of New Zealand’s favourite children’s book authors and illustrators.

Bruiser is a machine on a mission — a digger who’s ploughing up hillsides, trampling down paddocks and crushing rocks in his plan to build a motorway.
That is until a nest containing a baby bird falls right in front of him — and Bruiser realises there’s more to life than tearing up hillsides.
Aimed at 3–6 year-olds, this engaging story carries a gentle environmental message as Bruiser realises the destruction he has caused along his path, ripping up trees and flattening paddocks of daffodils. In the end he is humbled by a tiny baby bird and its mother, and decides to change his ways.
A perennial favourite of New Zealand children Gavin Bishop departs from his usual illustration style with the use of earthy-looking collage using textured recycled paper to bring the story to life. These bold, colourful images combined with an utterly charming story plus lots of noise make this book a winner and such fun to read aloud.
About the author/illustrator:
Gavin Bishop is one of New Zealand’s iconic storytellers and illustrators for children. He has written and illustrated many favourites, such as Bidibidi and The House That Jack Built, which have become classics, enjoyed by generations of New Zealanders.  He has won numerous awards and is highly acclaimed both here and overseas. In 2009 the Storylines Gavin Bishop Award was established in recognition of his contribution to children’s literature.

Publisher - Random House NZ - $22.00. Publication 7 October.

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