Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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Former cartoon strip writer, cartoonist and public relations practitioner terry Moyle has put together a selection of his verse some of which have previously been published on the NZ Poetry.org website - www.poetrynz.ning.com

One of these poems has a special resonance for me and Terry Moyle has kindly allowed me to reproduce it :

From Kaiti Hill

He can only ever see from Kaiti Hill when he is young.
It’s all golden grass and the turquoise noise of cicadas,
high above the stink of the freezing works and the cannery
with that wide syrup of fishy green.

The bay cuts cleanly into the beach with its curved incision.
It makes the kite string hum, holding the billowing sky and sea
in the empty mouth of a stiffening New Year’s breeze.

At the camping ground, in the lime heat of the tent,
they are reading detective paperbacks made of dead grass,
book-marked with calamine lotion.

In the bucket he carefully measures the damp sand.
The thought of fussing in the Christmas kitchen -
this little castle from the plastic mold.

This is the house he will live in when he grows up.
It came inside a box of Honey Puffs and now he only needs
to collect the car and the girl he will marry.
If you look hard, you can see her street from Kaiti Hill.


Dorothy said...

Beautiful poem and good to see Terry getting the recognition he deserves.

Rod said...

have dipped into Terry's collection of poems and found what I have read to be amusing.
Obvious effort put into creating this book.
Poetry being a strange & difficult beast to market in any age I wish him luck in circulating 'Cominghomeland'.