Thursday, August 20, 2009

FEBRUARY 11-15, 2010

Press Release, August 17, 2009

- Organized by Gourmand International for the food and wine book sector.
- The new location in Paris for culture events : Le 104
- 4000 m2, 43000 square feet : foreign rights center, authors signing, publishers stands,conferences, tastings, etc.
- The biggest cookbook and wine books exhibition in the world: Gourmand Awards Winners 2000-2009
- International and local:
The country where the next Best in the World Gourmand Awards will take place in June 2010 is the Guest of Honour.
All Gourmand Awards winners 2009 announced in December 2009 are welcome to the nominees awards event on February 14, Valentines Day, where the best 4 finalists in each category will be announced.
Past Awards countries will be honoured: UK, China, Malaysia, Sweden, Spain, Germany.
The countries whose cuisine could be recognized by Unesco will have the opportunity for presentations: China, France, Mediterranean Diet (Greece, Italy, Morocco ,Spain), Mexico, Peru.
UNESCO is based in Paris.
Turkey will have a special presence to be honoured for the Year of Turkey in France 2009-2010.
French Regions: Aquitaine, Dordogne, Perigueux, Sorges, Angers.
- An experienced team:
President of Honour: Claudia Roden
Director: Taya de Reynies
French Publishers and authors: Françoise de Ganay, Henri-Pierre Millescamps
International Publishers and Authors: Edouard Cointreau, Oscar Yañez, Laura Gosalbo, Yves-Laurent Svarc
Food : Bo Masser – KC Wahlberg
Wine: Sylvain Ouchikh
Cooking Schools: Jean Jacques Ratier
Culinary Coordinator: Chakall


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