Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to the Wonderful World of the WotWots
By Martin Baynton
ABC Books - NZ$16.99 - Hardback

Welcome to the Wonderful World of the WotWots is the first book in a new series based on the beautiful and energetic television show on TV2.

A spaceship lands in a local zoo. Inside are two baby aliens who love to investigate. They want to know everything about everything. Most of all they want to know what they’ll look like when they finish growing up. Will they look like one of the zoo animals outside?

DottyWot is a girl. She is the pretty pink one and is the ship’s captain (because she has a more grown up attitude to everything). She has a warm heart and is always ready for an adventure. She loves to learn and tries her very best at everything she does. She is good at all sorts of things: she can use the computer; can compose and play music; and her favourite pastime is reading.

SpottyWot in the blue fur is her twin brother. He doesn’t have long eyelashes like DottyWot. He is the ship’s mechanic – with his trusty spanner he can fix the spaceship. He has lots of energy and is good at all kinds of things: he can imitate animals; is very good at drawing; has a colourful imagination; and is good at making his sister laugh.

It’s no wonder that The WotWots have so quickly found a huge audience with pre-schoolers - they have big hearts, take great care of each other and are not afraid to show the affection they have as brother and sister. And for parents, the core values of kindness and cooperation and the delight in learning new words and exploring creativity through drawing is recognised and embraced.

The WotWots, with Martin Baynton (pic left) and Richard Taylor, will be attending the Auckland Storylines Festival Family Day on Sunday, 30th August and the Wellington Storylines Festival Family Day on Sunday, 23rd August.

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