Monday, August 24, 2009


Confession - I had never heard of Wedge Press until last week when I came across a wee treasure of a book, (and I really mean wee, about 6 inches by 4 inches), called THROUGH THE DOOR by Jo Randerson and Seraphine Pick, (now there is a powerful combination of artistic talent).
I have now learned that The Wedge Press publishes small books where writers and artists collaborate.
And somehow I missed the first title, THE KNOT, also by Jo Randerson illustrated by Vita Cochran.

I guess THROUGH THE DOOR might be described as an entertaining and imaginative dream sequence. It certainly displays the imaginative talent of the authors.
Be assured these little books will become collectors' items.
The image above shows the back and front covers.

The publisher notes: "Copies of Through the Door (RRP $25.00) are on sale at the big Seraphine Pick survey show at the Christchurch Art Gallery, and will also be available at Jo's new theatre show at Downstage
Good bookshops like Unity also stock the title. Enquiries can be made to (please put 'Through the Door' in the subject line)."

And for the record:
Wedge Press,
8/13 Leeds Street,
New Zealand.
Tel/fax - (04) 801 8019

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