Thursday, August 27, 2009

From Publishing Perspectives:

In Paris and Frankfurt, Cookbooks Get "Fair" Treatment
By Edward Nawotka
BEIJING: "I've been going to the Frankfurt Book Fair since 1995 and the number of cookbooks on offer at the show has quadrupled since that time," says Edouard Cointreau, chairman and founder of Gourmand International, speaking from Beijing, where he's busy filming a cooking series for the Chinese Food Network. "In the US alone, cookbook sales have risen 9% since 2001 and, even in this recession, sales are up 4% over last year. The fastest growing segment of the cookbook business by far is self-published books and those are the types of book you don't get to see at trade shows, so that's one of the reasons why I thought it was important to start my own just for cookbooks." (read on ...)

Bonus Material: Epicurean Classic Showcases Cooks and their Books
By Edward NawotkaIn the United States, food and wine festivals are becoming more popular every year. The marquee events on the calendar are the Aspen Food and Wine Classic in Colorado and the South Beach Wine & Food Fest in Florida. While those events draw tens of thousands of deep pocketed foodies and celebrity chefs, a more modest event in the state of Michigan - the Epicurean Classic - has quietly established a reputation as a true showcase, not just for chefs and their cooking, but for their writing - or rather, the cookbooks they've written. (read on ...)

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