Monday, August 24, 2009


Interesting story by prolific columnist Bill Ralston (right) about Roger Hall (left)in the NZ Listener this week (date Aug 29 Sept 4), It is a profile piece about "New Zealand's most prolific, most successful and arguably best playwright".

Further into the magazine there is a four page piece on Billy Apple by Anthony Byrt, six book reviews, a poem by Brian Turner called Ghosts (after listening to Kim Hill and Marcus Chown), two film reviews, Nick Bollinger's Music page and Guy Somerset reviews two DVD's - Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, and The Four Tops.
All the usual columns are there - David Hill on flying economy class is as funny as always, Martin Bosley has me drooling as usual, while Michael Cooper talks about "Australia's sturdy, flavour-crammed, often bargain-priced reds".

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Marcus Chown said...

Hi! Intrigued that my interview with Kim Hill on Radio NZ inspired a poem! Would love to read it. Any way of doing that short of flying to NZ and buying a copy of the NZ Listener?


Best wishes,
Marcus Chown, London