Monday, August 31, 2009

Sean Plunket’s on board… and Felicity Ferret returns!

But the real news for bookloving readers of the magazine is the appointment of Iain Sharp as Book Review Editor, something that little is made of by the magazine itself but which delights Bookman Beattie.

Sharp is a highly respected book reviewer, he looked after the Sunday Star Times book reviews back in the days when that newspaper was more generous than it is today with space given to books.
Sharp is a highly versatile, cultured and multi-talented guy. As well as being a noted book reviewer he is also a librarian, published poet, biographer, columnist and works in Special Collections at Auckland Central Library. He published Real Gold: Treasures of Auckland City Libraries in 2007 and his most recent book is a biography of Charles Heaphy, published by Auckland University Press.

Metro has earned itself some brownie points in the literary world with his appointment.
In the new look edition now on sale Sharp interviews Brian Boyd, the world's leading authority on Vladimir Nabokov.

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