Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Roundup with PW

Chinese Cops Seize Publisher From Train: A Hong Kong–based publisher with Swedish citizenship, previously held in Chinese custody for two years, has been arrested again.

The Lost Giant of American Literature: A major black novelist, William Melvin Kelley, made a remarkable debut. So how did he disappear?

The Routines of Famous Writers: For a week, this journalist tried to live like famous writers from Murakami to Balzac. It went poorly.

When the Editor Writes a Bestseller: Daniel Mallory, a longtime books editor, now writes under the pen name of A.J. Finn—and has made a bestseller of his own.

Cooking from 16th Century Fairy Tales: A menu inspired by the fairy tales of Giambattista Basile, whose characters are compared to "curds and whey" and "sugar paste."

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