Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Roundup with PW

Sue Grafton Dies at 77: The crime novelist, whose popular “alphabet” mysteries sold millions of copies worldwide, died in Santa Barbara on December 28.

States Pay the Price When You Buy Online: An op-ed in the 'New York Times' argues for legally requiring online retailers to collect sales taxes on transactions.

Bowie's Son Launches a Book Club: Bowie's son, the director and screenwriter Duncan Jones, has launched a book club in tribute to his late father.

The Book That Tried to Predict 2018: For every wrong prediction in the 1968 book “Toward the Year 2018,” there’s one unnervingly close to the mark.

Can Amazon Change Books?: The Kindle changed the book business—and the next decade of Kindle is likely to be even more disruptive than the last.

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